Unknown: Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated in /home/public/sites/www.mauk.cc/webshop/system/library/encryption.php on line 8 We produce HMS434 3D machines for high volume 3D printing.

We design and manufacture the all-in-one Cartesio 3D Manufacturing Machine.

Its primary function is Additive manufacturing with as many materials as you like.
We value "safety first" and include a fume extraction and filtration unit with all machines.

Because we make a Manufacturing Machine, you are not limited to 3D printing.
You can attach a maximum of 4 powered tools.
You can have multiple addditive manufacturing tools, a plotter, mill, engraver and pick and place tool.
It is possible to combine the different tools.

  1. very large build area
  2. up to four combined manufacturing tools
  3. Fume extraction and filtration unit included.
  4. great after sales service
  5. Quick return on investment                                   foto: Yvo van Os

If you want other tools, mass production, or other functions, let us know.

As we are melting plastics and generating hazardous fumes, Cartesio comes standard with a fume extraction and filtration unit.
This way you can use the machine in a safe manner in a public place.
They are one of the few machines in the world that come with a CE certification according to the machine guideline 2006/42/CE.

ChemCar made by RWTH university.

3 color towbar Cap

Printed functional skateboard wheel made out of a hard PLA inside and soft rubber material on the outside.

Printed with wood material by Bodo Warden Design.

A stackable glasses Holder by Sander F.

Big vase. This normally takes 30+ hours to print.
With our volcano extruder the print time is reduced to 5 hours and 40min.

After breaking it we see that breaks do not only happen on horizontal layers, but also vertically. Very important as this determines the strenght...

Flexihand2 prostetic limb. The joints are also printed with flexible material.

Collet holder for milling machine

We produce HMS434 3D machines for high volume 3D printing.

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